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Our unconscious thoughts drive how we feel. Take control of them.

LittleShift utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT),  the most widely used approach for handling the negative thoughts that often lead to the distorted way we look at ourselves. Chat with Littleshift, identify these negative thoughts, and reframe them in a positive, more empowering way.

Therapy is expensive. Give yourself the tools to feel less anxious.  

Before you take the expensive dive into Therapy, chat with LittleShift and develop the tools to take your first step in becoming the best version of yourself.

Start feeling better in less than 60 seconds.

The LittleShift messenger will help you quickly capture your thoughts throughout the day, understand them, and reframe them later when you have time. Start chatting now and get your first insights within a minute.

Get started. You’ll be happy you did.


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